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As Is, Where Is

We’ll Take Your Damaged Home Off Your Hands

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Damaged Houses is in a prime position to take advantage of the As Is, Where Is portion of the real estate market. These houses, which are uninsurable and unmortgageable, according to insurance brokers and banks, are proving to be thorns in the sides of many homeowners looking for an escape to their property problems.

What is AS IS, WHERE IS?

The 2010 Christchurch earthquakes have seen the term “As Is, Where Is” cemented in the real estate market, having brought about the exclusive situation of having homes damaged by the quakes that banks won’t loan against and insurers won’t touch.
These ‘discounted’ homes are sometimes heavily reduced in price, simply because when the owner wants to move on, they have usually been paid out their respective repair bills by the insurers, but they still have to attain the land value to break even or even make a profit on the property.

Ditch the Stress & Let Us Handle it?

While As Is, Where Is houses have been damaged by the Christchurch earthquakes to varying extents, Damaged Houses will assess the property before making a reasonable offer to the owner. Some have sustained significant damage, while others are easily repairable.
No matter what condition your home, contact one of our assessors to see what we’ll give you for it. The amount might surprise you!
In some cases, an As Is, Where Is property is perfectly habitable with no obvious signs of damage, however, the insurance policy has been worded in a way that the property be returned to the same condition as it was before ‘such named’ events and that has proven unviable.
If you can’t afford to return your property to its former glory, Damaged Houses will gladly help you out of this financially stressful situation. We’ve helped plenty of owners in the Christchurch area already.

Simple Cash-in-Hand Process

Damaged Houses has built our business around acquiring more than 50 of these earthquake-damaged homes. We take your damaged residence off your hands and leave you with cash in hand. You don’t have to worry about any more repairs or bills. What could be simpler?
Contact one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members today and start searching for your new home.